Park Jam aims to raise awareness

The SA Entertainment team and rappers from the community showcased their talent on Saturday June 16 at the Youth Indaba Park Jam.

The community came alive on Youth Day when rap artists got the opportunity to show off their skills during the Youth Indaba Park Jam.

The Youth Indaba was hosted on Saturday June 16 by company SA Entertainment to raise awareness about substance abuse.

Founder and manager of SA Entertainment, Lesley Johnson, 39, from Lentegeur, said this was the first time the Youth Indaba was held in Mitchell’s Plain.

“The community contributed to the event and helped with donating party packs and oranges to the children. The Abanaki Spur in Liberty Promenade mall, one of the main sponsors of the event, came out and donated food to the SA Entertainment team in support of the Youth Indaba.”

SA Entertainment aims to discover young rappers and singers in order to promote their talent.

“When I was younger, I was caught up in gangsterism but was able to get away from it. I want the youth to know that there is life after gangsterism, that you can become a better person, regardless of what you’ve experienced in your past as well as rising above your circumstance,” said Lesley.