Parents must step up

Bronagh Hammond, Director of Communications, Western Cape Education Department

There are about 3 000 Grade R learners in Mitchell’s Plain. We will only be able to confirm this number after our 10-day snap survey.

The purpose of orientation is to introduce learners to the school.

They get an opportunity to meet their teacher and are able to familiarise themselves with the new environment. This also helps to minimise the tears on the official start of the academic year.

We encourage parents to take an active part in their child’s education. They can do this by cultivating and encouraging their child’s reading and writing skills.

Parents also have a responsibility to ensure that their child regularly attends school; ensure that the child completes his or her homework; and parents should assist with the discipline of the child.

This year’s theme is the “Year of Functional Schools – developing a values-driven team.”

Our vision for education in the Western Cape remains clear – to achieve quality education for every child, in every classroom, in every school in the province.

But we cannot do this without having the necessary systems, structures and policies in place. Our schools need to comply with minimum requirements and have supportive and efficient teams.

So we will be looking closely at improving levels of functionality at schools and to continue to create values-driven school environments with growth mindsets.

Ms Hammond’s letter, sent in response to a media enquiry by the Plainsman, arrived too late for inclusion in last week’s story “Braving the back to school blues”.