Parents make a positive change

Lentegeur parents received certificates for attending a seven-session parent skills training workshop at Lentegeur library on Friday October 5.

Thirty-three parents have been given the skills to be positive caregivers in their children’s lives.

They attended a seven-session course hosted by The Parent Centre and received their certificates at Lentegeur library on Friday October 5.

The course focused on key parenting skills that will help to build positive relationships with children.

It focused on understanding behaviour; helping children with their feelings; building children’s self-esteem; assertiveness; expressing your needs, feelings and expectations; positive discipline; problem-solving; values and family meetings.

The facilitators were Berenice Scott and Amanda Lindsay.

Ms Scott said: “The parents and caregivers were taught how to learn about factors affecting children’s behaviour and managing it; to unlearn the mistakes and unhelpful ways used to raise their children and relearn new ways of thinking and behaving that will benefit their children and parents to help grow, develop and reach their potential.”

Kalam Davids, a parent at the workshop, said: “I always thought parenting came naturally but this workshop has taught me to learn, unlearn and relearn how to be a parent. Our children were distant and here I have been taught how to come together, the facilitators helped me so much.”

Ashley Harmse, another participant at the workshop, said: “I don’t have children of my own but what I have learned is not to make the same mistakes my parents made with me. I now have the knowledge to raise my own children. I also know how to deal with my own feelings first. This made me go back to my own parents to rekindle our relationship and understand relationships between child and parent.”

Faldielah Batchelor, a parent, said: “A parent is a pillar in this community, in this society, it can either make a community or break a community. Knowing what I have learned in these sessions has prepared me for so much.”