Paremzees need help after fire

The home of the Paremzee family caught fire on Good Friday, April 10. From left are Mark, Vicky, Kayden, 4, and Kurston, 10, Paremzee.

An Eastridge family came close to losing their home in a fire on Good Friday, April 10.

Fortunately, they noticed the fire burning behind their wendy house early and were able to douse the flames in time.

Nobody was injured but bedding, children’s clothes and school bags were destroyed.

Recalling what happened, Vicky Paremzee, 39, said she and her son, Kayden, 4, had been feeling tired and wanted to take a nap. At the time she was inside the main house which belongs to her in-laws.

Her husband, Mark Paremzee, 42, was moving a cupboard to their kitchen in the wendy house on the property when they noticed a fire burning behind their wendy house.

“My husband immediately jumped on the roof to put out the fire. He used buckets of water,” said Ms Paremzee.

Mr Paremzee said a neighbour saw him on top of their roof and ran to help them. “My neighbour helped me with the fire, we were using water to put the fire out. I didn’t think twice, I just wanted the fire to stop,” he said.

The smell of smoke is still hanging in the air in the home.

“I was very upset when this
happened, it happened so fast. We can’t sleep that well. I have nightmares about the fire; thinking about what could have been is scary but I am glad my family is okay,” said Ms Paremzee.

The Paremzee family worked throughout the night to fix their home. They managed to close up the back of their wendy house but lost clothes belonging to sons Kayden and Kurston, 10.

Spokesperson for the City of Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue Service, Jermaine Carelse, confirmed the fire.

Mitchell’s Plain’s fire engine, water tender and rescue vehicle, with nine staff members, were on scene at 6.01pm and the fire was extinguished at 6.27pm, he said.

If you would like to make a donation to the family, contact Ms Paremzee at 071 616 9227.