Painting a better future

Isaac Hamdulay, a qualified draughtsman, involved Tafelsig youth in painting positive messages.

A Tafelsig draughtsman will be opening his doors to teach youth skills in art and graphic design.

Isaac Hamdulay, 54, from Wendy Crescent, together with children from the community, drew and painted two murals on privately-owned walls, to make them aware of the enslavement of substance abuse and violence against women and children.

For four days during the recent winter school holiday, they painted a mural in Wendy Crescent and the another in Wanda Crescent.

“I saw the children playing around and I listened to their vocabulary, which didn’t sound too good to me,” he said.

“I thought maybe they could use their energy more constructively,” he said.

Mr Hamdulay showed the children some pictures, discussed these with them and then sketched on the walls.

“I had the children fill in the colour,” he said.

He had some leftover paint in his garage and put it to use to beautify walls, which had been marked by gang names.

“I wanted to conscientise the youth as to what they can better do with their time and make something of themselves,” he said.

Mr Hamdulay said it was tough raising children but parents needed to draw firm lines for their families and had to lead by example.“We believe we are here to make a difference and not just to go with the flow,” he said.

He said he wanted the murals to be bold and “in your face” so that they would challenge people’s mindsets.

“I wanted to protest against the mindset, among our people, and appeal to them to change their mentality and make a difference,” he said.

Mr Hamdulay said he was willing to mentor and open his garage doors to teach youth a skill they could use and inspire them to live better lives.

For more information, call him on 073 325 7322.