Oval North High top school in mechanical technology

Oval North High School received the highest average mark for welding and metalwork in mechanical technology in the Western Cape.

As part of the school’s strategy to hold on to its top spot in mechanical technology, Oval North High teacher Athina Dennis recently took her pupils to visit a boiler manufacturing plant.

In last year’s National Senior Certificate Exam, the school achieved the highest average mark for welding and metal work in mechanical technology, in the Western Cape.

The results were announced on Thursday February 10.

“I felt very proud of my Grade 12s of 2021, all the tears, scolding, and hard work we managed to achieve our goal. This year the Grade 12s must maintain the 100% passing rate as our goal this year is to receive a 60% average mark,” said teacher Athina Dennis.

To solidify her current pupils’ understanding of the subject, she said, she took them on an excursion to Actom John Thompson Boiler and Environmental Solutions in Bellville on Thursday March 3.

There they where they were received by the training officer Percy Philander who took them through a safety induction session and a tour during which the pupils could see how what was taught in the classroom was applied in the real world, said Ms Dennis.

“Seeing bigger machines and production on a world class level helps the pupils understand the work in the classroom,” she pointed out.

Pupil Nikiter Bailey said it was a privilege and a good opportunity for my career. “Being part of a school with the highest mark in mechanical technology makes me want to strive for better and make my school proud,” she said.

It was her first time in a real workshop.

“I am really interested in being a mechanic. My teacher Ms Dennis has inspired me and helped me understand the work. I will continue to study hard and make my school, teacher and fellow classmates proud,” she said.

Another pupil, Mihlali Nqakala, said being in a real workshop had been a valuable experience. He wants to do boilermaking when he finishes school.

Julian Green said knowing their school had achieved the highest average mark was uplifting, and inspired them to uphold the standard.

“I was inspired and fascinated by this workshop. I would like to pursue this field. I want to obtain a real qualification for an apprenticeship. I will keep doing my best; the excursion gave us the extra motivation and inspiration to do the work,” said Julian.