Opel Cartel serves community on Heritage Day

The little ones enjoying the festivities on the rainy Heritage Day, from left, are Aashiq De Villiers, Layaan De Villiers (in front) and Zarah Gordon.

Opel Cartel Community Outreach made it their mission to serve the community of Tafelsig on Heritage Day.

Over 1000 people attended their event where they handed out food, party packs and books to the children and showcased some entertainment and info-tainment sessions on Sunday September 24.

Some of the members of Opel Cartel Community Outreach who prepared the food and packages handed to the community on Sunday September 24.

Secretary of Opel Cartel Community Outreach, Amanda Van Der Vendt said their charity day is to help those in need.

“We try our very best to give our people some support to help them with their lives. Last year we also held this event in Tafelsig and this year we’re at Tafelsig Primary School. We’re trying to also take the children off the streets and be in a safe space. We celebrated our heritage by giving back to the community,” she said.

President of Opel Cartel Community Outreach, Faaiek De Villiers, said: Everywhere you go you pay for something. We get as many people together to help support us to support someone else. On Heritage Day, give back,” he said.

With their food bowls are Durrah Brown, Zara Mentoor and Ziyaad Hendricks on Sunday September 24.

“Everything you see here comes from a good heart. Somebody needs to start somewhere, seeing the smiles on their faces or just handing someone a meal or giving a child a book to read is important. Good can come from Tafelsig. We’re spreading love by not just saying it but doing it,” said Mr De Villiers.

Principal of Tafelsig Primary School, Ruth Jonas said Opel Cartel’s initiative to host this day was a result of their passion to serve.

At back, from left, are Tafelsig Primary School staff, Chanelle Strauss, Nadeen Jacobs, Zureena Kamaar, Yvonne Brookes, Samantha Fortune and, in front, chairperson of Hyde Park sub-forum and chairperson of the school governing body, Shereen Jacobs and principal Ruth Jonas.

“To see and showcase the diversity of Tafelsig, to unite the community in a positive way was special,” she said.

They encouraged all to celebrate their diversity and their uniqueness with the nation, she said.

“The more we showcase our community in a positive way that we’re more than gangsterism, drug abuse and poverty, overrides the negativity. The turnout of our community was amazing. Not even the rainy weather deterred them from coming out. We want to see more positive things happen and grow our community in a great way to show all we can do it,” said Ms Jonas.

For more information contact them by email via opelcartel@gmail.com.