Officer held for child’s shooting

Bernard Lewis is recovering in Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital after a bullet graze wound to his head.

Dwayne Evans, spokesperson for Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital ,said he is is currently in a stable condition.

According to Mitchell’s Plain police spokesperson, Captain Ian Williams, the law enforcement officer had shot at suspects and injured the boy who was walking with his grandfather. “Allegedly the law enforcement officials had received reports about a group of suspects with a gun and knives. The officers spotted the group and gave chase. The one officer then fired at a suspect that was carrying a large knife. The child was injured by a bullet grazing his head and was taken for medical treatment,” he said.

Wayne Dyason, spokesperson for the City’s law enforcement, said the law enforcement officer was alerted by a member of the public in the Town Centre to a group of people standing in the area, one of whom was armed.

The officer called for back-up and approached the group, who split up and ran.

“One of the suspects advanced on the officer with a knife in hand. The officer fired a warning shot on the suspect and, after a short scuffle, the officer arrested and disarmed the suspect.

“A member of the public then informed the officer that the 12-year-old boy had sustained a gunshot wound,” he said.