#NoMore Gender-based Violence

Shimornay Sedgwick, Tafelsig

Dear President

All the abuse, all the violence.

A time of need, yet the head has gone silent.

In the season of spring yet the precious flowers are dying.

Women and men made their voices known,

Your bullets won’t stop us from trying.

Spouses are mourning, witnessing their bundles of joy brutally dying.

The doves that always flew as one are left afraid of leaving their nests to start flying.

Our country is lacking

Our president is sighing!

My Dearest President, open your eyes.

Will this crisis only scare you once your loved ones die?

Can you not see all our tears and all our cries?

We are sick of all these empty promises and broken lies.

What is the ransom in order to receive your mutual replies?

Perpetrators are set free to torture and lust over our thighs.

They plead “not guilty”, yet all these evidence denies.

Oh South Africa! What a horrifying disguise.

South Africans stand up against these filthy flies.

It’s time for us as a nation to finally arise

We need to stand firm in combat for all the females that had no chance to say their last goodbyes.