No payments from SASSA

Baronesa Deliena Alexander, Woodlands

I’ve got a problem with the South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA).

My last payment was on Tuesday May 1.

I am struggling to get my money because they did not capture my account number properly.

They sent me from pillar to post for three months.

Every time I am told the same story: Fill in the forms at the bank.

I am dependent on that money. I lost my policy due to this issue.

My grandchild, who needs to be fed and sent to school, lives with me.

I dealt with (two staff called) Mbabalwa and Chantal, who told me they are going to capture the forms but nothing has happened.

I also spoke to manager Mr Hassan on Monday September 3 but no one has gotten back to me.

I have debts to pay and I have had to go to the council to make arrangements, so that I do not lose my house. I don’t know where to turn to anymore.

You must stand in long queues and when it is your turn you hear the same story.

I would like to know where is my money and what happened to my forms, which I submitted three months ago.

Please see this matter as urgent, as I do not even have money to put bread on the table and I do not have money for transport to the local Sassa office.

Shivani Wahab, SASSA senior manager: communications, responds

Sassa can confirm that as per our SOCPEN system, the banking details for Baronesa Deliena Alexander, Woodlands have been rectified with effect from October 2018.

All unpaid social grants from June to September have been carried over to October and will be paid out then.

It is most unfortunate that the beneficiary experienced challenges with resolving this issue at the Sassa Mitchell’s Plain Local Office.

Please note that it is certainly not the norm as Sassa would always attempt to assist all clients on the day and in exceptional circumstances would request that the client return for further assistance

This would usually apply when the client has not submitted all of the documentation in order for the social grant application to be finalised.

There is a possibility that the client did not bring along all the necessary documentation or could have provided the incorrect banking details and account number and as a result no transaction would have been processed on our SOCPEN system, in order for the beneficiary to be paid the social grant on time.

The maximum turn-around time with any social grant related challenge is usually 21 days.

In the instance that a social grant is paid into the incorrect banking account, there is a verification process involved and this could also lead to technical delays with the social grant being paid into the correct banking account.

Please be assured that everything possible has been done to bring this matter to a speedy conclusion.

Sassa would like to apologise to the client for the delay and the challenges experienced.

Sassa remains committed to serving all clients with dignity and respect.