No help for CLC teachers

Merle Fred, administrator, Adult Learning Forum, Western Cape

Our organisation, Adult Learning Forum Western Cape, promotes and advances adult and youth learning through our work with individuals, organisations and institutions, as we endeavour to foster a culture of learning in the province and nationally.

We work with community organisations, community learning centres, institutions of learning and also lobby government, particularly the Department of Higher Education and Training, for changes in terms of policies and other relevant issues.

Following the article in Cape Community Newspapers, “No support for teacher in long wait for payday”, we share the frustration of educators in the community learning centres (CLCs). We have written letters to CET (Community Education and Training) officials in DHET (Department of Higher Education and Training) with no response.

There are numerous educators in this sector who to date have not received their pay and who are fighting for decent contracts (some are still on claim systems).

Educators are afraid to speak to the media for fear of reprisals and intimidation.