New Woodlands park clean up

Young and old clean their neighbouring park.

New Woodlands residents put shoulder to the wheel to spruce up their local park on Saturday February 18.

A community clean up day was held in Central Park, which is bordered by Johannes Meintjies Road.

There was a camaraderie of community spirit as families, friends and neighbours pitched to clean up the park.

They received snacks, water and tools to ensure a clean public space.

DJ Rudeboy was in attendance and kept cleaners entertained.

Resident Gerald Scheepers said the community clean could produce tangible results in the fight against crime.

“Crime is unlikely to occur when neighbourhoods are clean, well-lit and used frequently by residents.

“By doing this we will be setting an example for others as it is our duty to take up the issue of cleanliness in a practical way,” he said.

Residents Caleb Bailey, Charles Davids and Jermaine Bowers clean their park.

The community hopes to make it an annual event.

Their next project is to paint the park and make it more appealing.

They have a group young pupils called the Tip Top Team, who have committed to do weekly clean ups.

Mr Scheepers said smokers and alcohol drinkers would not be tolerated in their park.

“It is sad commentary that our parks are polluted with litter, garbage, graffiti and illegal signs.

“Our facilities are under siege by unlawful activities and vandals,” he said.

He said that tax payers’ money was being wasted on repairs.

“Our vision is to make Central Park a place where children can play safe, families can relax and spend quality time reading a book or exercise with our new gym equipment,“ he said.

New Woodlands residents Gerald Scheepers and Jermaine Bowers with councillor for Ward 75 Joan Woodman in the centre.