Neighbourhood watch member served community fearlessly

Patricia Cecilia Susa was committed to serving her community.

A Rocklands neighbourhood watch member will be remembered for her passion to keep her community safe.

Patricia Cecilia Susa, 61, died on Tuesday August 8 in hospital after being diagnosed with cancer about four months ago.

She is survived by her husband John, their four children and five grandchildren.

“We did everything together,” said Mr Susa.

They would patrol together, spend time with their family and have meals together.

“She was supposed to look after me. I’m the heart patient,” he said.

The Susa couple has been living in Rocklands for almost 30 years, many of which were spent being on their local neighbourhood watch.

“We need to keep our community safe,” said Mr Susa.

Rocklands neighbourhood watch controller Valerie Moses said Ms Susa was passionate about her work.

“It was much more than fighting crime.

“She kept her eyes open and would watch the criminals, work with security and the police to arrest the criminals,” she said.

Ms Susa never allowed others to work in her place.

“She was committed. She knew the guys that walked in and out of our community. She was there no matter when we needed her,“ said Ms Moses.

Cederic Daniels, neighbourhood watch chairman, said Ms Susa was always ready to patrol or go where she was needed.

She did duty at Cedar High School for two years, at Spine Road High School for five years and at Shoprite for 12 years.

Ms Susa also assisted at the Roman Catholic Church and Kapteinsklip mosque, guarding cars and being on the look out to protect parishioners and their belongings.

“She would be there for Ramadaan night prayers, Easter and Christmas; Boxing Day she’ll be with us doing beach patrols,” said Mr Daniels.

Ms Susa was buried on Saturday August 19.