Neighbourhood watch aims to grow membership

From left, Strandfontein Community Police Forum chairwoman Sandy Schuter, and members of Strandfontein Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Frans Hugo, Melvina de Wet, Maggie Carolus, public relations officer Levan Jacobs, chairman Evan Pienaar, Pat Hugo from the CPF, Wesley Moses, and deputy chairman Quintin Griffith.

Strandfontein Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) has embarked on a recruitment drive, encouraging residents to join the structure and combat crime.

The first drive took place at the OK Mini Market in Dennegeur Avenue, the next two will be on Saturday July 23 at the BP Garage in Wavecrest and at OK in Bay View, on Saturday July 30 between 10am and 2pm.

Watch secretary Fatima Meyer said it is an important initiative, that aims to grow membership and make the organisation self-sufficient by getting the help of the local businesses in the area.

Public relations officer for the neighbourhood watch, Levan Jacobs, said the structure had limited resources and equipment, and was in need of assistance.

“We have a great need for equipment such as radios, bicycles, reflector jackets, torches and motor vehicles. Getting businesses involved will help with this aspect and it will show the partnership between the neighbourhood watch and businesses standing together to kick out crime and make Strandfontein a safer environment for all.

“We aim to grow the numbers by at least 50 active patrol members.

“We have engaged with several people to join up and assist us in the fight against crime. Many showed interest, whereas there were a few that said they not interested in volunteering their time,” said Mr Jacobs.

He added that they enjoyed great support from the Strandfontein CPF, SAPS and Scorpion Security.

The neighbourhood watch and its partners do daily patrols in the early hours of the morning and at night.

“We cannot fight crime alone, the more feet we have on the ground, the lighter the load on the already existing members,” said Mr Jacobs.

Chairperson Evan Pienaar said Strandfontein SAPS and Scorpion Security Technologies will be part of the recruitment drive.

“We are working towards a common good, for the community. By working together we are stronger, we are encouraging people to join the safety structures, and help make Strandfontein a safer place.”

The neighbourhood watch has been in existence since September 2010, and is recognised and registered with the Strandfontein Community Police Forum which registered the neighbourhood watch with the Department of Community Safety.

Contact Strandfontein Neighbourhood Watch on 078 046 9483 or Strandfontein SAPS on 021 370 1501 or email