MyCiTi time changes

I’m writing to complain about the poor service we have been experiencing with the new changes to the MyCiTi bus services.

Buses are overcrowded (and) nothing is being done about this.

They would rather change the schedules and put fewer buses on the Mitchell’s Plain routes.

I have been complaining to their toll-free number, and I have received reference numbers.

Calls have been made, emails has been forwarded and then they give you an excuse that there is traffic on a Saturday. I am tired of calling them and not having the problem solved.

Brett Herron, mayoral committee member for transport, responds:

Transport for Cape Town (TCT), the City of Cape Town’s transport authority, recently adjusted the MyCiTi service schedules for the N2 Express so that we can better respond to the passenger demand in Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha (“New system to help commuters track bus,” Plainsman, Wednesday October 8).

Changes were made to the D03 and D04 routes on Saturday September 3 – to increase the trip times during peak periods as buses were constantly running late.

The total number of buses on the Mitchell’s Plain routes (D03 and D04) remained the same. However, the trips times were increased during the peak periods to account for traffic congestion on the N2 highway.

This should improve the schedule adherence on the D03 and D04 routes.

As such, as from September 3 there is a bus every hour on Route D04, between 9am and 4.30pm, and between 7pm and 9pm on weekdays.

On weekends, buses operate every 40 minutes until 8am
and thereafter every hourly.

There have also been minor changes to Route D03, the route between Mitchell’s Plain East and the Civic Centre station in Cape Town.

After public input, six new stops have been added to Route D04 that is between Kapteinsklip and Civic Centre. These stops, along AZ Berman Drive between Kapteinsklip and the Town Centre, are: Figaro, Bontebok, Tafelsig Primary, Ruwenzori, Dolomites East and Dolomites West.

The existing Spine stop has also been moved to a better location nearby.

The changes during the off-peak periods and on weekends were also implemented to align the capacity to the passenger demand.

TCT is monitoring the routes, and we will make changes if needed.

Should the demand increase, more frequent buses will be added to these routes.