MyCiTi bus service to return to normal

New MyCiTi routes to be rolled out.

Commuters inconvenienced by the three-month-long MyCiTi bus strike last year will finally get a reprieve in February.

Felicity Purchase, mayoral committee member for transport, said new staff were being trained.

Services were operating above 90% of the scheduled services and that percentage would increase as the new drivers completed their training, she said.

“By the end of January, we expect to be running 100% of the services,” she said.

The new MyCiTi staff were employed after striking MyCiTi employees were fired because of their misconduct and their failure to attend disciplinary hearings last year .

An employee who wants to remain anonymous said: “The people who went on strike about the issues have got nothing to lose, as they have made their voices known. For those who have been working here, they’re still fearful of possibly being retrenched or being replaced.”

MyCiTi commuters are advised to continuously check the schedule and, where possible, start their journey earlier than usual to ensure that they get to their destination on time.