My brother, my friend

Desmond E. Ockhuis, Kuils River

A tribute to the life of Ivor Michael Campbell

Dorper Street in Westridge (and probably within a 3km radius) is still shaken by the news of the sudden passing of “Ballie” as he was affectionately known. The news of his passing travelled through the vicinity like a wildfire, very similar to that of a well-known celebrity. That was my brother, the most humble person you would ever come across.

From the youngest of children to the oldest of men, those who have acquainted themselves with him, are all in agreement that Ballie was in a class of his own.

What made him so unique was that he would attend to everyone’s needs except his own. Everyone who knew him trusted him.

I took time out on Friday to wander in his space. Just by being there, it gave me an understanding of the community’s loss. Everyone proclaimed him as a “great person”, a greatness that many could only dream of.

I must search long and hard in my memory to find a “skewe kyk or skewe woord” in our more than 35-year relationship as brothers. There was never one of those. I salute you Ballie.

I know his heart will go on.