‘Mother Christmas’ spreads the love

Shona Allie, Rocklands Mother Christmas hands Amy Plaatjies, 4, a doll.

Rocklands’ own “Mother Christmas”, Shona Allie, has spread some festive cheer with a street party for children in and around her house in Bronze Street, on Wednesday December 6.

She had rallied her connections and worked her contacts to give children toys, party packets and a sweet treat – “something many parents in the community could ill afford to give their child,” said Ms Allie, who has been visiting prisoners here and overseas for the past 28 years to deliver messages from friends and family.
Once again Ms Allie was helped by Pinky Coetzee, from Fish Hoek, her daughter, Vanessa and granddaughter Kira Coetzee, 10, who distributed blankets.

This is the second year the Coetzee family is present after, last year, Kira started distributing blankets, to people living on the streets and those who knock on doors for something to eat. “Dear God bless these children, each one of them…
Remember children God loves you,” prayed Ms Allie.