Mosque robbed

The Al Thaanie Mosque in Rocklands had a door smashed in.

The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has condemned the burglary of the Mitchell’s Plain Islamic Trust and Masjidul Thani and the Rocklands Mosque, in Rocklands.

Unknown thugs broke into the premises, on Saturday April 21, and made away with a computer, a video camera, sound equipment, two-way radios and cash. Secretary-general of the MJC, Sheikh Isgaak Taliep, called on the community to keep an eye on mosques, as they were community properties.

“We also would like to encourage neighbourhood watches to be extra vigilant and do extra patrols in the vicinity of all houses of prayer,” he said in a statement.

Sheikh Taliep said any house of prayer, including a mosque, synagogue or church is sacred and is seen by the community as a place of worship, comfort and refuge.

“Burglaries at these places are among the worst acts ever to be perpetrated,” he said.

A case has been opened at the local police station for investigation, but there are no leads at this stage.

The MJC has also called on the community for donations to replace the stolen goods. Contact the imam of the mosque, Maulana Sabrie Davids, on 084 844 0481 or chairman of the trust, Mohammad Hendricks, on 074 186 0364 to make a donation.