Mom, 90, seeks estranged son

An Eastridge mother would like to find her son whom she last saw 40 years ago.

Moena Salie, 90, from Eastridge, is looking for her estranged son Yusuf Samaai, 61.

Yusuf Samaai, who celebrated his 61st birthday on Monday July 26, walked out of his family home at the age of 19.

His mother Moena Salie, 90, lives with the Breda family who moved in with her and have been caring for her since September 2004, a month after her husband Rashaad, also known as Charles Frederick Villet, died.

Yusuf Samaai when he was a little boy.

Ms Salie told the Plainsman that she would like to see her son before her next birthday on December 1.

She said that her son and Mr Villet, his stepfather, had a strained relationship, and she became very tearful when asked why Mr Samaai had walked out, never to return again.

Carer Faheema Breda said Ms Salie was very kind and considerate and that they had decided to post on Facebook requesting assistance to find Mr Samaai.

“It is very difficult to see the pain and regret she has been patiently carrying while hoping to see her son again,” read the post.

Ms Salie prayed that everyone would be happy but said she could not be happy without knowing where and how her son was.

Anyone with information about Mr Samaai’s whereabouts can call Ms Breda on 071 543 5529.