Meter clarity

Elton Jansen, councillor for Ward 43, including Strandfontein and Philippi Horticultural Area

Regarding “City not aware of meter scammers” dated July 1.

This is a letter to councillors from Barry Leetch, City of Cape Town directorate for Energy and Climate Change in the department of Electricity Retail Management, dated Monday June 29.

“Revenue Protection is making use of Elex Khanyisa, Tender No. 159S/2017/18 ‘Replacement of single phase electricity meters’ to investigate and change meters that have been identified as suspect tampers.

We have also identified from previous inspections across the City that there is a tendency for the “Plessey” type meter to have a high rate of being faulty and therefore addresses with these types of meters are also part of our plan to change.

The Elex Khanyisa staff will be working in your area on behalf of Revenue Protection.

Prior to Covid-19 our operations would entail a C3 notification been created and work flowed to the contractor, who would visit the consumer without any prior notice and advise on the reason for our visit, this vital element of surprise prevents an opportunity for the consumer to remove any evidence of possible tampering at the property.

However, the onset of Covid-19 brought to a halt these actions which in light of the reduction of the lockdown level can once again resume.

We have had to change our way of operating for the safety of our staff, contractors and consumers and to this end we are now calling consumers prior to our visit, advising them of our intention to inspect and change the meter and that should tampering be found that it would incur a cost to the consumer.

We then ask for an appointment that is convenient for the consumer and create a C3.

The community’s safety is paramount and to this end we are providing the consumer with a C3 reference number when the appointment is made allowing them to verify the legitimacy of the visit by contacting the call centre, should they wish to do so.”