Men’s day celebrations

Anwar September, from Goodwood, expresses his views.

A Lost City mosque has pledged to celebrate International Men’s Day again next year to support the more than 150 men who attended the inaugural event last week.

At the event, held at the Nelson Mandela Family and Youth Centre, in Tafelsig, on Tuesday November 19, Masjid Darussalam programme co-ordinator Igshaan Abrahams committed to acknowledging the vital role men play in their communities.

He said they would also set up interactive men’s groups and regular upliftment programmes leading up to the next celebration in 2020.

“We intend making it an annual celebration and are putting plans in place for a quarterly men’s programme,” he said.

The day is observed in more than 80 countries, with the objective of celebrating boys and men’s achievements and contributions, in particular to their community, family, marriage and child care.

Programme co-host, Breathing Spaces facilitator Naseera Ebrahim, said the broader and ultimate aim of the event was to promote basic humanitarian values.

“As a result of the success and positive feedback from the men, 2020 will see the establishment of interactive men’s groups and regular upliftment programmes,” she said.

Last year Breathing Spaces, a social innovative project, embarked on a campaign to raise awareness of and promote the annual celebration.

“We aim to acknowledge and rekindle the flame of our men, so they may once again be the torch-bearers of our community,” said Ms Ebrahim.