Men arrested for robbery, and drugs

A man was arrested for drug possession and two robbers were caught by a security guard at Liberty Promenade Mall

Drugs that were confiscated from a man in the Town Centre.

Police arrested a man loaded with drugs and money in the Town Centre last week.

Crime prevention officers were patrolling in the early evening on Thursday September 9, when they stopped and searched a man. He was found to be in possession of 293 units of heroin R1470 cash and arrested.

The Tanzanian man, 39, faces charges of suspected drug dealing and illegal citizenship.

At about the same time and on the same day, another man was caught after robbing a store at Liberty Promenade mall.

The man and an accomplice allegedly posed as customers and entered a shop as it was preparing to close.

They demanded money from the staff and took cash and five cellphones. One of the robbers, a 31-year-old man, was caught by an alert security guard and taken into police custody but his accomplice escaped.