Members of church brigade ranked

Pictured, from left, are Elaine van Schalkwyk who was ranked as company sergeant, Kayla van Schalkwyk, Charlize Cloete and Matthew Johnson who were ranked as corporals.

Members of the Church Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade were ranked at Christ the Mediator Church, in Portland, on Sunday August 5.

The brigade is an Anglican youth organisation with branches in the South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, Bermuda, Kenya, Newfoundland and St Helena.

Band instructor Dale Arries said the Portland brigade was established in 1981, the first year of the parish’s existence.

The company went dormant for a few years in the mid-2000s, but was re-established in 2010. It now has 82 members. Members are ranked after careful consideration and prayer by the company chaplain Father Dean Apples.

They are nominated by the company’s leadership.

Members were identified for promotion based on their commitment to the company over a lengthy period of time, their eagerness shown as well as to lead and take responsibility and maintain discipline among their fellow members.

“One’s proficiency in a particular skill is also taken into consideration, which is aligns with some of the ranks within the company structure, like to become a sergeant drummer, the person must be able to play the drum well and know certain rudiments,” Mr Arries said.

Any parishioners who would like to join the brigade can call the church office on 021 392 2850.