Melomed Mitchell’s Plain mark Covid-19 milestone

Melomed Mitchell’s Plain marked discharging their last Covid-19 patient on Wednesday April 7.

On Wednesday April 7, Melomed Mitchell’s Plain discharged its last Covid-19 patient.

Shameema Adams, group marketing manager for Melomed, said they are mindful that there may be more Covid-19 admissions at the hospital in future, however, she said this key milestone is one that must not go unnoticed given the arduous journey that has been overcome in recent months.

Melomed Mitchell’s Plain was one of the first hospitals in the country to have admitted and treated a Covid-19 patient on Sunday April 19, 2020. It is now the first hospital in the Melomed group to have no Covid-19 patients currently admitted, Ms Adams said.

Other Melomed hospitals have also seen a massive decline in Covid-19 cases and should see most, if not all Covid-19 patients, discharged soon. “While this is extremely encouraging, we are still very mindful and prepared for a potential third wave of infections that may occur,” she said.

One of the specialist doctors at Melomed Mitchell’s Plain Hospital, physician Dr Emmanuel Danso, said: “We are delighted to have discharged the last Covid-19 patient from the hospital for now. We nevertheless remind ourselves that we need to be alert and prepared at all times to ensure we offer the best service to our patients,” he said.

They have faced and overcome significant challenges over the past year as a result of phenomenal teamwork and support by all. As they continue the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, they remain resolutely focused on the health and safety of their patients and their medical staff. “It would be remiss if I did not express deep gratitude and appreciation to all stakeholders for their ongoing support,” Dr Danso said.

Chairman of Melomed, Ebrahim Bhorat, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the doctors, the staff, the patients, all healthcare workers, the government, the media and the general public for their bravery, commitment, their patience, understanding and dedication during these challenging times. I congratulate and salute them.”

Their Melomed hospitals are fully operational for in-patients and out-patients and specialist doctors are available to treat all medical illnesses and procedures. They continue to provide a full spectrum of medical and clinical services to patients in a hygienic and safe environment.