Megan shares her flair for beauty

Megan Natus, right, with her daughter, Keziah.

There are few opportunities for Mitchell’s Plain residents with a flair for beauty to learn new skills.

Megan Natus, who grew up in Beacon Valley, wants to bridge this gap by one day creating an academy that will empower others.

For now, she has turned her Rondevlei home into a beauty studio.

Megan, 34, would like to recruit young people from the community and mentor them.

“I am surrounded by single parents and some of them would say no to opportunities because of their children. I commend them for working hard and standing out regardless. We need to tap into this and help women like them.”

Megan could not afford to study after matriculating from Portland High School so she started working part-time as a hairdresser.

“I grew up having a flair for fashion. I was always the one doing people’s hair in my family and among my friends, and gave them advice on fashion. I love working with people and interacting with them,” said Megan.

“I asked my boss at the time, when do I see the fruits of my labour in this field, and she said when you’re the boss. I did not have any qualifications but I could do the job. I was 19 when I resigned, I knew I was not going to be the boss very soon,” said Megan.

She stayed at home for two weeks and questioned how she could pursue her love for beauty and find a job in the industry.

She applied to a printing company after an entrepreneur gathered unemployed youth and connected them to jobs. He moulded them to be entrepreneurs, she said.

Her daughter Keziah was born when Megan was 25 and this meant she could not work and train at the same time.

Megan then spent 10 years in the training and development industry as a learning and development manager.

It was when she assisted somebody at a beauty company that her old dream of working with people and being her own boss was reawakened.

She moved out of her Rondevlei home and renovated it into a beauty studio, called MK Beauty Studio.

“I named the studio Megan and Keziah, MK, because I would like to empower her as a woman and show her that anything is possible. Opening a platform for young women who have a passion for fashion is what I get too, whether it’s teaching them how to sell their clothes or do hair.”

“I want to give women the best and most luxurious experience. Sometimes we accept what is given to us when we go out and treat ourselves. This is not about making money but knowing that we deserve the best, knowing our value as people,” said Megan.

Her mother and father, Eurika and Mervin Natus taught her to follow her dreams and do everything to the best of her ability.

Mr Natus is a well-known figure in the soccer community. “Seeing the soccer children coming and going from our Beacon Valley home made me a little jealous because my dad made sure they had everything they needed,” said Megan.

Mr Natus said: “I am very impressed with my daughter and the way she wants to do things for the community. She does it with her whole heart. She is following in my footsteps in making sure the community is well looked after, taking care of them and keeping them off the streets.”

Megan also had praise for her mother.

“My mom is a spiritual and passionate person who always attracts people, she had a way with them,” said Megan.

MK Beauty Studio was opened in December.

“I want to empower women of Mitchell’s Plain and open up an academy soon as there is no beauty academy in Mitchell’s Plain. I would like to help those who can’t afford to study,” she said.

“You don’t have to have money to dream. It doesn’t matter how small your dream is, never stop dreaming. Write down your dreams and goals so that you can see them and be inspired by it. If we shine we must shine every day.”

If you would like to get involved, contact Megan at or call 065 995 2421.