Meadowridge Primary celebrates 40 year service of retired Ms Jones

Former intermediate phase head of department at Meadowridge Primary School, Lucienne Jones, 64, from Tafelsig, celebrated her 40 year service on Monday March 13.

An esteemed stalwart teacher of Meadowridge Primary School, who has taught at the school for 40 years, has retired.

Lucienne Jones, 64, from Tafelsig, retired as the intermediate phase head of department and the school bid her farewell at a celebration on Monday March 13.

Ms Jones speaking to the school on Monday March 13.

Ms Jones grew up in Hout Bay, until she got married in September 1983 and moved to Searidge Park, Tafelsig.

She studied teaching and graduated at Battswood College in Wynberg in 1982.

In 1983 she started at Meadowridge Primary School, formerly known as Mitchell’s Plain No28 Primary School, as a grade 4 Afrikaans teacher. She later also taught grades 4 to 7. She did her matric part time in 1986 through distance learning.

Principal Denver Albertyn handed Ms Jones her 40 year service certificate on Monday March 13.

She graduated with a Higher Diploma in Education at the University of the Western Cape in 2001. She graduated with a Further Diploma in Education at UWC in 2003 through distance learning. She did her practical in teaching at Sentinel Secondary School in Hout Bay.

She always wanted to be a nurse, however a friend gave her application forms to become a teacher and she never looked back.

“I always wanted to work with people and teaching was my opportunity to do so,” said Ms Jones.

“God gets all the honour and praise in my journey. I am so grateful I got to see 40 years with Meadowridge. My husband, Peter Jones, has been my pillar on earth who has always supported me in everything I do. My children Monray Jones, Valdine Jones-Abrahams, Keenan Jones and Tazlin Walters, thank you for all you’ve done for me. I am so proud of you,” she said.

Ms Jones class each shared roses with her to thank her for her service to the them and the school. It was a precious moment for them.

“I’m going to miss the pupils, working with them, watching them grow and seeing where they’ll end up. I am also going to miss the morning devotion with the staff, those words would often encourage me,” said Ms Jones.

From left are her children, Valdine Jones-Abrahams, Monray Jones, Keenan Jones and Tazlin Walters standing in the school’s gardens.

Her youngest daughter Tazlin Walters said her mother has inspired her to teach.

“Being a teacher for 40 years is a great milestone for my mom. Her passion for pupils shows, she was like a mother to them. She loved teaching. The way she is at school, she is the same at home. She helped me through teaching, taught me how and showed me the way,” she said.

Her eldest daughter, who is a police woman, Valdine Jones-Abrahams, said her mom does everything with love.

“She will direct you well. We love her and everything she’s done. My mom is always told she looks good and never ages, she’d say ‘ek het nie die sonde van die wereld nie.’ We are so proud of our mom,” she said.

Her youngest son, Keenan Jones, who is also a teacher at Meadowridge, has worked alongside his mom at school.

“Teaching with her was a blessing. Not only has she raised me as a teacher, I learned patience and to give it to God. When I got into the profession I understood why she comes home to rest first. She has a big impact on my life and the lives of the pupils at school. Enjoy retirement mom.” he said.

Her family supported her at her farewell ceremony on Monday March 13. From left are Elaine Jones, Ms Jones, her eldest son, Monray Jones, Laylin Jones and Monray Junior Jones in front.

Pastor Edward Titus of Fairhaven Faith Mission Church said she previously worked in a factory but then went on to study teaching.

“She made a success of her career, she has had a big influence on many people. She has a warm heart. We can talk to her even when things are difficult. We congratulate and wish her well on her new journey,” he said.

Principal Denver Albertyn said she left a legacy and called her an honourable member of the Meadowridge family.

From left are deputy principal, Fadiel Osman, former principal of Meadowridge, Norman Daniels, Ms Jones and current principal, Denver Albertyn.

“I admired her relationship with God. She loves her family, husband Peter Jones, and children. She is a cornerstone. She loves everybody. Ms Jones loves Meadowridge Primary. After March, no more red pens, no more assessments. We know God will bless you. Thank you for everything,” he said.

Former principal of Meadowridge, Norman Daniels said Ms Jones is certainly a teacher who has been trained differently from this era.

“Her expertise was a good help for the novice teachers, to be guided into the teaching system. We could rely on her, she could train those teachers who never had any experience. We wish her well on her journey,” he said.

Former teacher, Wilma Bantham said Ms Jones had a way of speaking to the parents. She would also walk a journey with a child until the end of the primary school years.

“She’s a good friend to me, she will give me advice especially spiritually. I wish her the best. Now we get to go out as retired teachers. I wish her well on her journey,” she said.