Meadowridge celebrates its 40th anniversary

Meadowridge Primary School pupils Tara Wagner and Siymthanda Jacobs.

Meadowridge Primary School pulled out all of the stops to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

The Lentegeur school, originally known as Mitchell’s Plain Primary School Number 28, opened its doors in February 1982.

Special guests included former staff, pupils and community workers to share in their morning of song, dance and remembrance on Friday May 20.

Three principals served at the school, including Norman Daniels, who was at the helm for 21 years before handing over the wheel to Denver Albertyn in October last year.

Teachers’ assistants Tameka Ramedies, principal Denver Albertyn, and Abdiyah Abrahams.

Teacher Wilma Bantham said the anniversary allowed them to reflect on the school’s achievements.

“In athletics, we were simply the best. We achieved provincial colours in different sporting codes. Our relay teams came first every year,” she said.

She said coaches from neighbouring schools would come watch their athletes train, in particular the baton handover.

“Athletics days were among the school’s favourites. Our parents would take off from work and come support us at Meadowridge. When the relay started everyone would be on their feet and go crazy. Our blood was green,” she said.

Ms Bantham said they did not lag behind in academics.

“We produced three doctors – Nasheeta Theunissen nee Hendricks, Shanlyn Titus and Igshaan Hassen – a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in chemistry , Blaine Lomberg; television sports reporter Percivale Young and Plainsman reporter Marsha Bothma.”

She also paid tribute to former pupils who became teachers and staff at the school educating and serving the next generation.

The school enjoyed annual school concerts first at Lentegeur civic centre and then to a bigger venue, the Joseph Stone Auditorium, in Athlone.

Parents filled buses to support the pupils.

Pupils also participated in annual eisteddfods and their dance groups often won “special gold”.

In 2010 they received an award from SANBI (South African National Biodiversity Institute) for their indigenous garden.

On Arbour Day classes would plant trees, water and take care of the green giants shading their playground today.

“Like the trees, we like to plant seeds in our learners to make them blossom and grow into mature adults and make a positive difference in society. Like our motto says: ‘In unity, we succeed’,” said Ms Bantham.

Grade 1 pupils Osiphayo Ndywangu, Zahra Cassiem, Imaan Blanchard and Imaan Shah sing Michael Jackson’s Heal the World. …

Grade 7 pupils Thaaqeerah Philander and Skylerh Antonie delivered a speech.

“This is the best school in the peninsula.”

“It has a big gate that welcomes us as you enter, you will witness the luscious greenery and our precious water fountain.”

They said the school was a safe haven.

“You accept us from our many backgrounds and you groom us into future leaders and good citizens of society.”

The girls said that they would treasure the lessons learned and the many memories made.

“We meet good friends and we build lifelong relationships here.

“We would like to wish Meadowridge a blessed 40th anniversary, May the next 40 years be as adventurous as the last 40-years have been,” the two said.

Mr Albertyn thanked staff, pupils, partners and parents for making Meadowridge primary school the best school in the Western Cape.

Teacher Jessica Meyer, behind the scenes showing off the spiritual dance moves. Behind her are Grade 7 pupils Ty Lewis, Adanaan Isaacs and Jayden Calvert.