Mayor visits revamped Portland park

Portland residents enjoyed a fun-filled day with mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis at Snake Park on Monday May 1.

Portland residents were able to show off their hard work to mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis, who attended the opening of their revamped park and new outdoor gym earlier this month.

On Monday May 1, residents who live near Snake Park, which is bordered by Nile Way and Missouri Street in Portland, hosted the mayor and shared a fun filled day of dance and music.

Last year, they approached ward councillor Goawa Timm about taking care of their public space. They met with the City’s recreation and parks department and arranged a clean-up at the park (“Portland residents clean their park,” Plainsman March 16 2022).

Portland resident Candice Beeka said they invited Mr Hill-Lewis to show “how well we make a difference by working and taking ownership of our park”.

She said that they had worked with Ms Timm.

“Snake Park residents form part of a community who respects each other and are trying to instil family values,” said Ms Beeka.

Spine Road High School’s drilling squad and Dance for Hope were also in attendance.

Taylor Beeka, Elizabeth English, Yolanda Leyman, mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis, Candice Beeka, Portland ward councillor Goawa Tim and Mobility MEC Ricardo Mckenzie.