Matrics make ’Plain schools proud

Nasreen Martin, from Portland, with her daughter Laeeqa Martin, Spine Road High Schools top pupil, and principal Riyaadh Najaar.

Four Mitchell’s Plain high schools and two pupils were honoured at the 2017 Western Cape National Senior Certificate (NSC) awards ceremony at Premier Helen Zille’s home, at Leeuwenhof in Cape Town.

The event celebrates outstanding achievement by schools and candidates in last year’s matric examination.

Aloe High School in Lentegeur was praised for showing the greatest improvement, in the province, in pass rates over the past three years (2015 to 2017).

In 2015 they had a pass rate of 51.1%, the following year 66.7% and in 2017 their pass rate was at 87%. This gives them an aggregate improvement pass percentage of 56.7.

The school was one of nine public schools which had the greatest improvement and consistency in the number of Grade 12 pupils between 2015 and 2017.

The Lentegeur school also ranked seventh out of 10 in the category for greatest increase in the percentage of Bachelor passes.

Three years ago, in 2015, they had a Bachelor pass rate of 17.6%, in 2016 it was18.1% and in 2017 it was 34%.

Tafelsig High School received an award for excellence in Afrikaans, for producing the highest number of passes in this subject.

Mondale High School, in Portland, received an award for excellence in accounting; and Oval North Secondary School in Beacon Valley received an award for excellence in engineering graphics and design.

La’eeqa Martin, from Spine Road High School in Rocklands, and Yazeed Tyman, from Mondale High School in Portland, received R10 000 each and certificates in the excellence in academic achievement category on Thursday January 11.

La’eeqa scored 97% for English home language, 94% for Afrikaans first additional language, 83% for mathematics, 92% for life orientation, 89% for accounting, 90% for life sciences and 84% for physical science.

Last week she told the Plainsman she could not have done it without the support of principal Riyaadh Najaar, her teachers and their belief in her abilities (“Matric merriment”, Plainsman, January 10).

Yazeed scored 87% for English, 89% for Afrikaans, 88% for life orientation, 95% for accounting, 94% for life sciences and 96% for physical science. He encouraged the matric class of 2018 to “start preparing from day one”.

The pair were among the top 50 pupils in the province who scored the highest marks in their best six subjects that fulfil the requirements for the award of a NSC, two languages, mathematics and three other subjects, including life orientation.