Market day

Fagma Sadullah, 80, and her daughter Salega Dante, from Morgen’s Village, attended the Read2Lead youth market at the Samsodien’s Farm, in Schaapkraal.

Portland-based literacy and leadership non-profit organisation Read2Lead hosted a youth market at the Samsodien’s Farm, in Schaapkraal, on Sunday March 27.

Amarah Kalam, 10, and Thaakir Abduragmaan, 4, both from Delft, enjoy colouring-in.

They usually meet at Masjidur Rawbie Hall, in Merrydale Avenue, every Saturday from 10am until noon.

The group aims to groom young people into reading leaders.

Rabia Van Flemmering , Grade 4 to 6 Read2Lead facilitator enjoys a yummy waffle.

Founder and director of Read2Lead Na-ilah Kippie said: “The objective of these classes is to assist and support learners, from Grades 1 to matric, with reading, communication skills and life skills, which are essential elements to enable these learners to become successful leaders.”

They also offer free life coaching classes for parents, to guide them in assisting and supporting their children’s learning journeys.

For more information visit or call Ms Kippie on 082 997 4674.