March planned for hit-and-run victim

Mogamat Tauriq Mohamed

The family of a Bayview teenager who died after being run over by a taxi during protests outside the Isiqalo informal settlement last week, say they are planning a peaceful march to commemorate his death.

Mogamat Tauriq Mohamed, 19, died on Jakes Gerwel Drive on Wednesday May 2.

Several residents were also injured when the protest for housing became violent with shooting, the burning of tyres and looting of ATMs and businesses flaring up intermittently since late on Tuesday May 1.

Tauriq’s eldest cousin, Roegmah Veitch, told the Plainsman on Monday May 7 that they respected residents’ right to protest but that the violence must stop.

“Lots of innocent people’s families are getting hurt. Tauriq did not just get hurt, he is the one who died,” she said.

The family is planning a peaceful march to where he died but no date has been confirmed.

Ms Veitch, who also lives in Bayview, said her cousin was the joker of the family.

“He always had a smile on his face. He would pick on anyone or anything at random times. Even when he was unhappy, he would not show it. He was always joyful,” she said.

Tauriq, who did not have a driver’s licence, was on his way home from his job as an electrical apprentice.

Ms Veitch said his mother Amina was worried last week when he failed to arrive home.

“He was always home. He was his mother and father’s child, who did a lot of things in the house,” she said.

Ms Veich said while they understood it was God’s decree that Tauriq died, it is difficult for them to mourn because of the manner in which he was killed.

She said following the traditional “seven nights” prayer meeting to commemorate his death, yesterday Tuesday May 8, they would then discuss the way forward.

Tauriq left formal schooling and went to study hifz, the memorisation of the Qur’an. He was a muathin, person who does the call to prayer, at Bayview mosque.

The third eldest of 10 children, aged between 24 and 3, he had started working to support his family.

He lived with his parents Amiena and Amien Mohamed and his paternal grandparents, Fariedah, 75, and Sulaiman Mohamed, 82.

Lentegeur police are investigating a case of culpable homicide. No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information can call the police station on 021 377 5000.