March highlights issues affecting youth

The team and leaders who led the Youth Day event on Thursday June 16.

Merino Block neighbourhood watch from Westridge celebrated Youth Day on Thursday June 16.

The community marching through the streets of Westridge to highlight gender-based violence.
Chairperson Bonita Wood speaks to the young people.

Chairperson Bonita Wood said it was important to highlight the issue of gender-based violence against women and children. “We must protect our children,” she said.

Ward 81 councillor Ashley Potts and Bonita Wood.

Merino Block neighbourhood watch said they are thankful to the Ward 81 councillor Ashley Potts, SAPS, RLabs and the DAD programme and the community who attended and thanked all those who sponsored the event.

If you would like to donate to the Merino Block as well as their feeding scheme contact Ms Wood on 084 992 3558 for more information.