Man shot dead in Portland

A man was shot and killed after he put up a fight against a robber.

Four men were arrested for cable theft after police seized cables in Tafelsig.

A man died from a gunshot to the chest in Durban Way, Portland, during the early evening of Saturday September 4.

The man, 35, had allegedly been sitting in nearby open field and drinking when he was approached by another man, who wanted to rob him. Witnesses say the man tried to resist the robber and was shot in the scuffle.

The robber fled and witnesses gave chase but lost track of him in Silver Street, Rocklands.

Meanwhile, the man who had been shot, staggered for a few metres before collapsing from his injuries. Police found him dead on arrival. His backpack and cellphone were also missing.

Anyone with information can contact Detective Constable Theodoric Cloete at 079 894 1511.

• Three men were arrested for murder after a body was found on Rocklands Rugby Field.

Police arrested three men on murder charges this week in connection with a body that was found on Rocklands Rugby Field in June.

Officers found the body after responding to a call in the early hours of Sunday June 20. The body of a man was found next to the road. He had been strangled with an electric cord and had been stabbed in the back three times.

Police suspect that car had knocked the body because there were oil marks on the man’s side. The man’s black jeans was pulled halfway down and he was also wearing a white sweater and green Jordan 23 shoes. He was estimated to be 30 years old.

Several months of investigation led police to arrest three men, aged 26, 28 and 34, over the weekend. They appeared in court on Monday September 6 on murder charges.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact Detective Constable Theodoric Cloete of Mitchell’s Plain Serious and Violent Crimes Unit at 079 894 1511.

• In separate case, four men were arrested for stealing cables.

The arrest came about after police stopped and searched a vehicle along Baden Powell Road on Thursday September 2 at 2.20pm.

They found several rolls of cable, some of which were still sealed and with the serial numbers still on them. They also found two hacksaws and a steel hammer.

Police arrested four men aged 25, 30, 39 and 40. They face charges relating to possession of stolen property and appeared in court on Friday September 3.