Man in court for teen’s fatal stabbing

Abdul Baaqi Fagodien, 15, died after being stabbed.

A Rocklands man is due in the Mitchell’s Plain Magistrate’s Court today, Wednesday November 15, after he allegedly stabbed his teen neighbour, who died minutes later.

Valentino Kleinsmith, 23, first appeared in court last week and the matter is on the court roll for a bail application, which the community is opposing.

A petition, with 300 signatures has been handed to the investigating officer, asking the court to refuse bail. Two letters from neighbours were also submitted complaining about the accused’s rowdy behaviour, when drunk.

Abdul Baaqi Fagodien, 15, who was studying to memorise the Qur’an, had been stabbed at 11.55pm on Saturday November 4. His father put him in their bakkie to take him to hospital, where he was declared dead.

Mother Rugaya Fagodien said her son was stabbed with a dagger, above the heart and that according to the autopsy report, the knife had been pulled down. She said Abdul Baaqi and his friends had a braai, two roads away from his home, when Mr Kleinsmith and his brother approached them. The brothers were refused entry because they had alcohol with them.

“Abdul Baaqi and his friends were on their way home, when the brothers approached them again,” she said. “They walked in a group but they split after the brothers came up to them with a knife and an axe.

“Abdul Baaqi reportedly told his friends they shouldn’t worry because they are his neighbours and that they won’t hurt them,” said Ms Fagodien.

The group of friends split up and Abdul Baaqi and his friend continued walking, which is when Mr Kleinsmith caught up with them. Abdul Baaqi is survived by his parents and three sisters.

Ms Fagodien said her son was a jolly person, who did not like trouble.

Abdul Baaqi’s murder is one of two recent incidents of stabbing in which two people died. Pensioner Ebrahim Philips, 64, was robbed and stabbed several times in the chest at the Total garage, on the corner of AZ Berman Drive and Charlie Street, in Beacon Valley, on Monday November 6. See story on previous page.

Gustav Moses, 31, Walied Schroeder, 29, and Levaile Wagner, 30, appeared in Mitchell’s Plain Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday November 8. They are due back in court on Monday December 11.

In addition to these two murder cases being investigated, there were 279 cases of assault reported at Mitchell’s Plain Community Health Centre’s (CHC) trauma unit, since October.

The unit treated 26 patients for gunshot wounds, who were either discharged or transferred for further treatment at secondary or tertiary hospitals. Two of the 26 patients died because of severe injuries.

Monique Johnstone, the provincial Department of Health’s principal communications officer for Klipfontein/Mitchell’s Plain and Western/Southern Sub-structures, said patients present to the facility with stab wounds but could not confirm the type of weapon used. “There has been an increase in the number of assaults and gunshot cases seen at the facility during weekends,” she said.

Ms Johnstone said the staff are obligated to report any gunshot related cases to the police.

The Plainsman spoke to Mitchell’s Plain police acting station commander, Colonel Jan Alexander, about reported stabbing incidents. He reported four fatal stabbings and two attempted stabbing cases for October.

In the latest attempted stabbing the person had been repeatedly hit with a broken beer bottle, on the left ear and cheek in Tafelsig on Tuesday October 31.

Colonel Alexander said two people had been stabbed and later died in November. “Based on the crime analysis,you can see there is a difference in people attacking each other,” he said. Ahead of the festive season he cautioned residents to be safe and seek alternate means, other than violence, to resolve conflict. “The community must still come forward when they see anything suspicious, whether it is a vehicle or a person it must be reported to the police,” he said.

Crime and suspicious activity can be reported by calling 10111, it is toll free from a landline and callers can remain anonymous.

Station spokesman, Captain Ian Williams, said there had been an increase in the number of murder and attempted murder incidents. “The incidents are more drug-related than alcohol-related,” he said.

Any person can report a case to SAPS.

“If the victim is deceased, seriously injured or unconscious then SAPS will open a case on behalf of the the victim,” he said.

Captain Williams said the state would then be the complainant in a murder case for example; and an inquest or inquiry can also be opened by the state on behalf of the victim.