Mall staff make blankets for Mandela Day

Volunteers for non-profit organisation 67 Blankets Patricia Walker, Sandy King, Ruth Ely, Excellerate Brand Management marketing manager for Liberty Promenade Najeeba Ebrahim, and Joslyn de Villiers.

Liberty Promenade shoppers took a breather and destressed by picking up knitting needles and wool to contribute to the creation of a blanket.

The mall had partnered with non-profit organisation 67 Blankets, to collect knitted and crocheted squares to craft blankets for the elderly and those in need of warmth on Mandela Day, Thursday July 18.

Mall staff and volunteers hand-crafted 28 blankets from 350 balls of wool donated by service providers, including shopping centre tenants and contractors who donated wool to 67 Blankets.

If you’re not a knitter, you are welcome to donate double-knit, 100% acrylic wool.

The knitted square should be 20cm in length and breadth, with 35 to 36 stitches on 5mm needles and knitting approximately 60 rows of plain garter stitches.

These will then be sewn into blankets by volunteers from the community.

To drop off or to find out more about the organisation, send an email to