Mall crime concern

Rozario Brown, Eastridge

The dramatic increase in the number of armed robberies taking place at shopping centres and malls across the Western Cape is quite concerning.

Even more concerning is the number of malls being targeted, some more frequently than others.

However, the most worrisome aspect of these robberies is the fact that some of these malls have shown an utter and complete disdain towards their loyal clients and shoppers.

By failing to drastically increase the number of security personnel at these malls it demonstrates their lack of concern in terms of our people’s safety.

Event organisers have to comply with stringent conditions before they are granted permits to host events across the city.

One of these stringent requirements includes the appointment of one security officer for every one hundred patrons through our doors. Why on earth would the authorities not impose similar requirements on shopping malls, which obviously generates much more money on a much more frequent basis, than event organisers?

I am horrified to see the lack of security staff at most of these shopping centres, where tenants are paying massive rentals to the owners of these malls.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to know that better visibility in terms of security staff would make these criminals think twice about targeting their properties and your tenants.

I suggest that shoppers start shopping around for other malls to support if mall owners continue with their stingy approach when it comes to our people’s safety.

Spending your money shouldn’t become a matter of life and death, which at present it has become as many of these malls are clearly soft targets for criminals and the staff and shoppers will be the ultimate victims.