Ma Sarah turns a splendid 100

Centenarian Sarah Lillian Williams, from New Tafelsig, pictured in the middle, is surrounded by her family.PICTURE: SUPPLIED

A New Tafelsig resident, who celebrated her 100th birthday on New Year’s Day, has been saluted by her family for her goodwill, often lending a helping hand to anyone who would knock on her door for assistance.

Sarah Lillian Williams, fondly known as Ma Sarah, was born on January 1, 1924, in Christiana, in the North West Province.

Sarah Lillian Williams, from New Tafelsig, celebrated her 100th birthday on January 1. She is seated in front, between Johanna Allies and her husband pastor Ricardo. To their right is Ms Williams’s daughter Elaine Jacobs. Standing at the back is her granddaughter Verona Tate.PICTURE: SUPPLIED
Seated is Sarah Williams, from New Tafelsig, who celebrated her 100th birthday on Monday January 1. With her is daughter Elaine Jacobs. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Ma Sarah had 10 children, four of whom died, and has 16 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren.

The centenarian raised grandchildren and great-grandchildren when their parents worked or went through challenging times.

Her daughter Elaine Jacobs, with whom she lives, said they could not count how many lives Ma Sarah had touched. “There is always a word of encouragement from Ma Sarah and she taught us to give selflessly.

“Ma Sarah has the voice of an angel and loves singing hymns,” she said.

Ms Jacobs said her mother was healthy and hardly goes to the doctor.

She does not have any chronic illnesses and beat breast cancer.

“To her family she is a hero. A woman of God who will one day leave behind a legacy of prayer, singing and goodwill.

“It is a great privilege and honour to share the 100th year of her life with her being healthy,” said Ms Jacobs.