‘Low carb, high fat diet is not only for the elite’

Director of Homey Impact in Athlone, Noel Adams, at the event.

With the aim of getting Beacon Valley residents healthy, The Humanitarians and Homey Impact hosted the Sustainable Lifestyle Programme at Kribbel and Krabbel Creche in Beacon Valley on Saturday March 4.

Chief operating officer at The Humanitarians, Taahira Moola, said as part of The Noakes Foundation initiative, Eat Better South Africa, the aim is to prove that a low carbohydrate and high fat (LCHF) lifestyle is not only for the elite.

Mr South Africa, Habib Noorbhai, who is a Noakes Foundation Ambassador and an LCHF enthusiast, demonstrated the versatility of Heba (a pap alternative).

“We encouraged residents to live a healthy lifestyle and to move away from sugar. As we know, diabetes is one of the (most common) diseases in South Africa. This is a pilot programme and so far it’s going well.

“We spoke about basic things like eating two boiled eggs in the morning for breakfast. This will give you energy and keep you full until lunch time. Then with Coke, we informed people that in a Coke there are at least seven teaspoons of sugar in it – which is unhealthy,” he said.

Director of Homey Impact in Athlone, Noel Adams, said it was import to inform and educate residents about sustaining a healthy lifestyle. “It is time that we make a change. We looked at healthier affordable alternatives in your home.

“If we look at certain parts of Mitchell’s Plain, such as Freedom Park, there is unemployment and poverty. This is why we are working in the community to empower and assist them,” he said.

Kashiefah Gadien from Beacon Valley said the session was informative and that she had learnt a lot about healthy living. “I am using some of the tips that they have told us about and it’s working. The talks were informative, and helpful when you have a busy lifestyle. For example when I stress, I tend to eat a lot. So they have given me alternatives which is really awesome,” she said.