Liquor, bin theft top agenda at sub-council

Theft of wheelie bins are high on the City of Cape Towns radar

A Mitchell’s Plain sub-council is being inundated with applications for liquor licences.

Elton Jansen, chairperson of Sub-council 23 and councillor for Ward 43, called on residents to report outlets in their communities, which were contravening liquor licence conditions.

In addition to the liquor licences, a presentation on wheelie bin tags and progressive capital expenditure reports were tabled at the first sub-council meeting for the year at Lentegeur administrative office on Monday January 22.

Councillors are due to be trained to deal effectively with the liquor licence applications and requests from these outlets for extended trading hours.

“It is important to note that where outlets are situated in commercially zoned properties, we cannot decline, just because we don’t like the idea of selling liquor,” he said.

Mr Jansen said they would continue to refuse applications for establishments in residential areas, or close to schools and places of worship.

“We must also mobilise our communities to report outlets in residential areas, who are in contravention of their licence conditions.

“That is the only way we can get rid of undesirable liquor outlets in residential areas but we need to work together and smartly,” he said.

Sub-council manager Raphael Martin guided Mr Jansen on council policy regarding the assessment of applications, on their individual merits.

JP Smith, DA Proportional Representative (PR) councillor, argued that selling liquor was not a form of economic empowerment but that the social consequences of substance abuse and drunkenness, drove up crime statistics and endangered, in particular, women and children.

ANC PR councillor Ernest Theron agreed with Mr Smith but asked how legislation could be changed because much family and child abuse stemmed from substance abuse.

During the meeting Joan Woodman, councillor for Ward 75, called for support from sub-council, regarding an application to extend the trading hours for Aroma Liquors at Shop 3 Westgate Mall to include Sundays, from 11am to 6pm.

In Ward 76, ward councillor Goawa Timm, and the Lentegeur West Ratepayers’ opposed an application to extend the business hours of Rosies Liquors, at 72 Suikerbos Street in Lentegeur, from 6pm to 8pm, Monday to Saturday.

“The reasons include (that) a murder happened there in October last year, vagrants loitering, excessive littering, broken glass and obstruction to traffic in Highlands Drive – therefore I do not support the application,” said Ms Timm.

Rosies’applicationfor extended business hours on a Sunday from 11am to 6pm was also unsuccessful.

Mr Smith is due to set up a meeting with City Law Enforcement and the Solid Waste Management Department to clamp down on wheelie bin theft.

Former sub-council chairperson Natalie Bent had in previous meetings also suggested such a partnership (“City focuses on flooding and transport,” Plainsman June 17, 2015).

At the time the City decided on a zero tolerance approach to the pushing and pulling of wheelie bins in public areas, and urged residents to report this.

The operations are directed by complaints received and areas where there is a need.

Ms Timm said considering the amount of money wasted replacing stolen bins, drastic steps needed to be taken to trace these bins.

While wheelie bins remain council property, property owners are responsible for their care.

If your wheelie bin is stolen, you can apply for a replacement bin for free, provided the matter is reported to the police – either with a case number or an affidavit confirming the theft.

If it is proven that you were negligent, for example, by leaving the bin on the pavement overnight, then you will be charged a replacement fee. For a replacement bin, call 086 010 3089