‘Life changing’ donation for drug centre

Staff at the Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre in Eastridge were delighted to receive new office furniture donated by Coricraft furniture store on Thursday June 23.

The director of the centre, Ashley Potts, said the donation would assist staff and clients.

“This is life changing, not only for the staff members because they will be able to provide a noble job but also to the clients who will sit on comfortable couches. This give them (clients) a sense of dignity and value even though they get a lot of discrimination from the community,” said Mr Potts.

He added that he had thought they’d be getting second-hand couches “or maybe a bench chair.”

“This only took one month and they responded (to our proposal). We got the donation through one of our client’s mother who visited us and saw our plight,” he said

Coricraft manager Debbie Mckinley said they wanted to give back to the community. “We were approached by one of our staff members who had a child in this centre and we couldn’t resist. Drugs affect everyone and each community has someone who is doing drugs. Her story touched us, especially as some of the company employees are from Mitchell’s Plain,” said Ms Mckinley.

Colleen Schuller who approached her bosses to donate to the centre said she was touched by the state of the centre. “I was here to see my son. I noticed that their couches are old and not comfortable and I asked my bosses if is it possible for them to assist the centre with couches and they agreed.

“I’m not doing this for me but for people who are in need. Now they are going to feel comfortable,” said Ms Schuller.

“I thank the staff members for the love they have for our people for availing themselves and sacrificing their time to look after our people and show love and caring,” said Ms Schuller, who lives in Eagle Park in Grassy Park.