Library burgled five times in six months

Computers at Rocklands library have not been working since December.

Burlglars have broken into Rocklands library five times in the past six months, damaging and stealing cables and leaving hundreds of library users’ without access to the internet.

The SmartCape computers at the library have not been working since December last year.

SmartCape is a service provided by the City of Cape Town for library goers to have access to digital information.

The breakdown of services is due to numerous incidents of cable theft at the library.

Librarian Babalwa Nqiwa told Sub-council 12 on Thursday February 22 that the burglaries were cause for concern and were hampering service delivery.

She said the thieves were accessing the building through the roof.

In response to a Plainsman enquiry, Eddie Andrews, mayoral committee member for area south, said the library had been broken into last year on Thursday August 31 and Saturday December 23 and this year on Sunday January 28, Saturday February 3 and Sunday February 4.

There are two security guards on duty during weekdays as well as on Saturdays until noon.

Mr Andrews said about 800 patrons use the library every month, 200 weekly and about 50 daily.

He said they use the computers to do work on documents, surf the internet and send emails.