Let the years play on

Colbert Kleynhans, is pictured with his daughter-in-law Roslyn and son Albert Kleynhans.

Lentegeur resident Colbert Kleynhans, who celebrated his 90th birthday on Wednesday October 26, says his secret to longevity, is respect, love and kindness.

Smartly dressed, Mr Kleynhans recalled his childhood memories on his father’s farm in Kensington.

“I remember working on my father’s farm, milking the cows and looking after the animals. I worked hard, but I enjoyed the fresh air and nature. My father was a strict man and disciplined me, and somehow I tried to instil those values in my children,” he said.

Mr Kleynhans was married for 62 years to wife Johanna who passed away last year on July 18, on Nelson Mandela’s birthday. He had 10 children, four of whom are still alive.

“If there is one lesson that I have taught my children, it is to respect their parents and elders.

“I also encouraged them to be educated and to reach their goals,” he said.

He worked at the Cape Corps Army for two years when he was 17 years old, IL Book Factory and for the department of education over the years.

Mr Kleynhans loves music and played the violin in the St Timothy’s Christmas Band. He was recently awarded by the group for being their longest standing member.