Lending a hand

Marian Skippers, from Mont Clair;Cynthia Bosch, from Beacon Valley, Belinda Solomons, from Beacon Valley and Valeria Ditta, from Beacon Valley, are TLC volunteers.

A group of women dedicate their time to assisting hospital patients, leaving doctors and nurses to focus on providing the best possible clinical care to patients.

The volunteer services provided by these women include socialising with patients, escortingstable patients into hospital, reading, offering emotional support, feeding patients, and making them comfortable, among other things. And the staff at Mitchell’s Plain Hospital view their volunteers as a vital part of the healthcare team.

“Our exceptional volunteers have made a huge difference in the lives of the sick and contributed largely to the reduction of complaints. No amount of words can express our sincere appreciation to our current volunteers for making a remarkable difference in the lives of our patients,” said Aletta Brown, head of nursing at Mitchell’s Plain Hospital.

“We would love to urge more people in our community to volunteer and help at the hospital.”

To register on the Mitchell’s Plain in-patient volunteer service, contact Marielle Martin Standhardt at 021 377 4300.