Lend a helping hand

Mitchells Plain Crisis Forum members Faizel Brown, Joanie Fredericks and Denise Deelman.

The Mitchell’s Plain Crisis Forum will be hosting an event to honour those whose lives had been affected by rape and murder, on Sunday September 3 and is calling for donations of food or gifts.

Forum chairperson Joanie Fredericks said: “We are collecting donations of flowers, toiletries, toys for children and food ingredients for the needy families towards alleviating the burden somewhat for these broken families and would dearly appreciate your help in reaching our target. We also need contributions towards the refreshments for the event.

“Any help that you can provide will give us a chance to make the families of victims of violence against women and children under our care less sad about their loved one at least once this Women’s Month and find the true spirit of Women’s Day,” she said.

Ms Fredericks said the forum had been looking after the emotional and psychological needs of a number of victims and survivors of rape, and the families of murdered women and children over the past four months.

“We have been instrumental in providing opportunities for victims to thrive (and become) survivors – despite a lack of resources and opportunities.

“The success that we have achieved can be judged from every smile that we are greeted with from these families each day.

“If you are a victim, survivor or family member, please feel welcome to join this special event.

“We want you there because we want to honour you,” she said.

You can contact Joanie Fredericks on joanie.mpcrisisforum@gmail.com or 076 921 6767