Leak delays repair to pothole

The City says a nearby water leak has delayed repairs to this pothole on the corner of Cynthia Crescent and Berth Street, in The Farm Montrose Park.

A pothole on the corner of Cynthia Crescent and Berth Street, in The Farm Montrose Park, is getting bigger.

Motorists have to give it a wide berth to avoid damage to their vehicles.

Resident Abduragiem Isaacs says if the pothole does cause damage or injury, the City should be held liable because the hole as been there for more than two months and he has reported it.

Luthando Tyhalibongo, City spokesperson, says its records show Mr Isaacs only reported the pothole on February 3.

However the hole is still there two weeks’ later.

The City says staff have inspected the site. “Potholes are a challenge across the City and have received extensive attention following an unusually rainy season,” he said.

Teams were working to clear a six-month pothole backlog and had so far fixed 17 366 potholes across the metro, he said.

Mr Tyhalibongo said a leak near the pothole was caused by a faulty water meter, which had been reported to the waste and waste department and subsequently repaired.

“The pothole can only be repaired once the leak has stopped and the area has dried out,” the City said. “We cannot repair potholes in wet areas as the asphalt or surfacing will not bind and just pop out again.”

Mayoral committee member for finance Ian Neilson said people could submit claims to the City for any property damage, but they would need to provide supporting documents.

“It is important to note that each claim is assessed on its own merit, which includes assessment of whether there has been any negligence or omission on the City’s side,” he said.

More information about submitting a claim can be found on the City’s website. Call 080 065 6463 or email transport.Info@capetown.gov.za to report potholes.