Last of the holiday fun

From left are Jaxon Meyer, 3, Cassidy Humphries, 5, Asma Lakay, 4, and Zion Barnes, 2.

Hope Restoration Centre, a non-profit organisation, held a morning school-holiday programme in Westridge, from Monday to Friday last week. According to the founder of the organisation, Bronwill De Bruyn, the children played in the Kronendal Park, visited the local fire station and watched a police-dog display, among other things. For more information, contact Mr De Bruyn at 078 091 9720.

The children played in Kronendal Park during Hope Restoration Centre’s holiday programme.
From left, are Rabia Lakay, 6, Reo Barnes, 6, Raul Barnes, 13, Laeeq Banoo, 13, and Nina Botto, 11.