Klopse turn on the mic as teams battle it out in song

Solo singers and choral groups took the stage at this week’s Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association (KKKA) competition as section 1 competed in singing categories.

On Saturday January 13, section 1 troupes, West London All Stars, Philadelphians, Fabulous Seawind Entertainers, Posh Vibrant, Fabulous Woodstock Starlites, Exquisite Golden Gates, Cape Town Hawkers, and Carnival Boys, went head-to-head in the Juvenile Sentimental, Adult/Senior Sentimental, English Combined Chorus, Female Sentimental and Afrikaans Moppie Song categories.

Posh Vibrant perform the English Combined Chorus. Picture: Lauren Paris
Cape Town Hawkers deliver their English Combined Chorus performance. Picture: Lauren Paris
Imtiyaaz Nur Hill from Exquisite Golden Gate performs the Afrikaans Moppie. Picture: Fuad Esack
Zoe Zana sings the Adult Female Sentimental for Exquisite Golden Gate from Bonteheuwel. Picture: Fuad Esack
Elwira Standili performs her rendition of You Raise Me Up, in competition for Fabulous Seawind Entertainers. Picture: Lauren Paris
Gakeem Roman and the Fabulous Seawind Entertainers perform their Afrikaans Moppie. Picture: Fuad Esack
Emma Jean Galliard performs Memory in the Juvenile Sentimental Category for West London All Stars from Athlone. Picture: Lauren Paris
Waseef Piekaan performing as Fransiena for the West London All stars in the Afrikaans Moppie category. Picture: Fuad Esack
Choir master, Monde Mdingi, leading the Philadelphians Minstrels during their English Combined Chorus performance. Picture: Fuad Esack
Marawaan Karriem singing the Afrikaans Moppie for Philadelphians from Grassy Park. Picture: Fuad Esack
Craig Jordaan performs his Adult Sentimental for Posh Vibrant. Picture: Lauren Paris

On Saturday January 20, section two troupes will compete in singing categories at Athlone Stadium.