Killed defending his home

Marvin Slyters, 31, from Tafelsig died last week.

A break-in gone wrong ended the life of Tafelsig resident Marvin Slyters, 31, who was shot and killed at his house in Slangkop Street on Friday April 28.

Mr Slyters was woken up at 3.30am when he heard his sister-in-law screaming.

According to his father, Jacob, Marvin immediately went to see if she was fine, and that is when he saw that there were intruders inside the house.

“They then ran when they saw him and jumped through the window. One turned back and killed Marvin,” he said.

Mr Slyters said Marvin was a wonderful young man who was loved by many.

“Our family is extremely sad about Marvin’s death,especially the way he died, through crime. He was a blessing to us, a loving son, in fact, my only son,” he said.

Mr Slyters said this was not the first time that criminals had come on to his property.

“They have broken into the car, took things out of the yard that is closed and now the house. It is just terrible the way things are going on here. It frustrates me to see what crime does to people, and I feel that something needs to be done,” he said.

Mr Slyters said there were no neighbourhood watch groups or street committees in the area – which is a huge concern. “Before we had active groups, but now we have nothing. Men and women, let us stand together and fight against crime, it is our community we need to take action,” he said.

The Mitchell’s Plain Crisis Forum held a prayer service and memorial service in front of the house with the family and residents on Friday April 28, and an anti-crime march on Saturday April 29.

Speaking at the prayer service, Ursula Peters, from Minifootsteps in Tafelsig, said: “Enough with the senseless killings. We need the community to take crime seriously. It is sad to see that you can’t be safe in your own home anymore. So, it is time to stand up and take our streets back, not later but now,” she said.

Mitchell’s Plain police spokesperson Captain Ian Williams said Marvin’s body had been found at the front door of the house. “He was shot in the chest and on the right side of his body.”

Captain Williams said no one had been arrested but police were investigating a case of murder.

Chairperson of the Mitchell’s Plain Crisis Forum Joanie Fredericks said it was important to raise awareness about crime as it affected the young and old.

“Residents have had enough of crime, and as we can see, children as young as five years old are joining the fight against crime. The communities voices are rising and turning into an unstoppable roar. And our youth will be at the forefront of a new uprising,” she said.

Ashley Potts, deputy chairperson of the Mitchell’s Plain Community Police Forum (CPF), said he would be looking into setting up block and street committees in the area.

“We are calling on residents to step up and be part of the committees. You too need to play your part in preventing crime. You need to be the eyes and ears of the police, and report it,” he said.

Mitchell’s Plain police spokesperson Constable Nozuko Makwayiba said if you hear any suspicious sounds in your house call the police and do not try to apprehend any burglars.

“Inform the police, friends and neighbours when you are leaving your residence for a long period of time and leave a contact reference.

“A register will be completed at the police station,” she said.

Constable Makwayiba also urged residents to inform the police of suspicious people in their neighbourhood.

Constable Makwayiba confirmed that there were no safety structures in Slangkop Street, however, anyone interested in forming or becoming part of a community safety structure in Mitchell’s Plain can contact the Community Policing Forum chairperson Abie Isaacs on 082 314 6772 or Neighbourhood Watch chairperson Danny Davids at 082 434 4951 or the Sector Co-ordinator Captain Harry Brickles at 079 894 1703.

Anyone with information about the incident can call investigating officer Detective Sergeant Errol Bedford of the Mitchell’s Plain Serious and Violent Crime Unit on 082 777 8076.

There will be a community memorial service for Mr Slyters at the VGK Kerk in Tafelsig in Oilfantshoek, at 7pm.

There will also be a community prayer service at God’s Favourite House at 22 Rita Street, Lost City, in Tafelsig, on Thursday May 18, at 10am.

All residents and pastors are welcome. For more information, call 073 858 8745.