Kids explore creativity in art programme

Clockwise, from left, are Eli Felix, Imaan Jacobs, Connor Bosman, his sister Baylee, Imran Jacobs and Tiego Hartnick..

About 50 children from New Woodlands have been doing painting, drawing and sculpting as part of an art programme.

Mitchell’s Plain artist Mark Jeneker, helped by volunteers, runs the two-hour sessions at the Northwood Hall every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The National Lottery subsidises the programme, and recently a supermarket chain offered sandwiches for the children.

Mr Jeneker, who started the Mark Jeneker Foundation in New Woodlands last month, will be at the Westville Primary School in Westridge, on Tuesday November 2.

“We are living in trying times, especially during the pandemic. The children are stressed. They can’t express themselves and they can’t go out,” he said.

According to Mr Jeneker, the art sessions help to keep the children “out of trouble and they get to meet others their own age, in a safe place, while learning life lessons and exercising their fine-motor skills. They also get snacks and something to drink.

“For all I know, this may be the only thing to eat for the day,” he said, adding: “This is how we can change a community.”

He hopes to hold exhibitions across Mitchell’s Plain where the children can get certificates and their parents can view their work.

Tiego Hartnick, 7, told the Plainsman that he enjoyed the art class because he got to be with his friends.

Volunteer Bilqies du Plessis, from Eastridge, artist Mark Jeneker, from Rocklands, and volunteers Jorden Abrahams, from Lentegeur, and Carol Cupido, from Rocklands.